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The Biotech Press-Lounge at the IZB

The Biotech Press-Lounge was launched on April 15th, 2016. At this networking event top researchers and multipliers of the biotech industry get the opportunity to exchange views in a relaxed atmosphere. The event takes place three times a year at the Faculty Club G2B (Gateway to Biotech), located in the heart of the Campus Martinsried at the site of the Innovation and Start-up Center Biotechnology.

CEOs/board executives and press representatives from biotech, pharma and venture capital companies are invited to this event.  In addition, journalists writing for daily newspapers as well as business, biotech and pharmaceutical media participate in the Biotech Press-Lounge.

On each event, three impulse talks on current topics will be held by multipliers of the industry. The guests have the opportunity to deepen the issue with the speakers after their presentations. Thus, the Biotech Press-Lounge has established itself as a network event of this industry in recent years.

Get a first impression of the event in the official event video:

Due to the premises, the number of participants is limited to 100 guests. A previous registration is necessary. Please send it to the following email address:

For speaker requests or further inquiries, please contact:

Susanne Simon
Head of Public Relations
Innovation and Startup Center for Biotechnology
Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Planegg
Tel.: +49 (0)89/55 279 48-17

Biotech Presse-Lounge Impressionen 1
Biotech Presse-Lounge Impressionen 2
Biotech Presse-Lounge Impressionen 3
Biotech Presse-Lounge Impressionen 4
Biotech Presse-Lounge Impressionen 5


We were able to win the following speakers for the Biotech Press-Lounge:

1st Biotech Press-Lounge

1.1. Dr. Simon Moroney (CEO, Morphosys AG)

  • Investor Relations of biotech companies – comparison Europe and USA

1.2. Sandra Wirsching (Chief Editor, Biocom AG)

  • 2016 – Analysis of European Biotech Companies on the Stock Markets: US vs Europe

1.3. Enno Spillner (CEO / CFO, 4SC AG)

  • EpiScience for Life – Cancer therapie at the most modern level

2nd Biotech Press-Lounge

2.1. Dr. Frank Mathias (Chairman vfa bio, CEO, Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH)

  • Medical biotechnology in Germany – Current figures and data

2.2. Prof. Horst Domdey (Managing Director, BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

  • Bavarian biotechnology report – Innovations for medicine

2.3. Dr. Jens Vollmar (Head of Medical Discipline “Vaccines, travel and tropical medicine”, GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG)

  • Renaissance of vaccines

2.4. Dr. Christine Günther (CEO, apceth GmbH & Co. KG)

  • A pioneer from the region: Cell therapy for the next generation

3rd Biotech Press-Lounge

3.1. Dr. Steffan Kropff (Executive Medical Director, Amgen GmbH)

  • Therapy advance in cardiology through biotech

3.2. Martin Spitznagel (CEO, Dust Biosolutions)

  • “How to turn dust into stone with the help of bacteria”

3.3. Dr. Rainer Schubbert (Head of operations Applied Genomicas, Eurofins Genomics)

  • New genomic method for blood analysis: Liquid Biopsies

4th Biotech Press-Lounge

4.1. Holger Reithinger (General Manager, Forbion Capital Partners)

  • “What can we learn from the Americans about financing rounds and what should we rather leave alone?”

4.2. Jens Klein (CEO, AMSilk GmbH)

  • Adidas and AMSilk present the first sport shoes made out of natural silk biopolymers

4.3. Dr. Matthias Kromayer (Board Member, MIG AG)

  • Why biotechs sometimes fail and what can one do to prevent it

5th Biotech Press-Lounge

5.1. Dr. Markus Enzelberger (Interim-CSO, MorphoSys AG)

  • Will the first MorphoSys antibody be on the market soon?

5.2. Dr. Christian Jung (Principal, Wellington  Partners)

  • Update to the Life Science Venture Capital Market

5.3. Dr. Christian Schetter (Managing Director, Rigontec GmbH)

  • Positioning a German biotech in the global immuno-oncology sector

6th Biotech Press-Lounge

6.1. Dr. Markus Dangl (Senior Vice President Research and Pre-Clinical Development, Medigene AG)

  • New Horizons for Medigene as an Immunotherapy Company)

6.2. Paola Casarosa (Corporate Vice President Therapeutic, Boehringer Ingelheim)

  • New Horizons for Medigene as an Immunotherapy Company)

6.3. Dr. Jens Altrichter (COO, Leukocare AG)

  • The importance of advanced formulation in biopharmaceutical product development

7th Biotech Press-Lounge

7.1. Prof. Dr. Stefan Jaroch (Head of External Innovation Technologies, Bayer Pharma AG)

  • Open Innovation in Drug Discovery

7.2. Peter Homberg (Partner, Head of German Life Science Practice, DENTONS Europe LLP)

  • Soft-Factors – Importance for successful Exit-Transactions

7.3. PhD. Mikkel Noerholm (Vice President of Product Development, Exosome Diagnostics)

  • A non-invasive test to avoid unnecessary biopsy: ExoDx Prostate (IntelliScore)

8th Biotech Press-Lounge

8.1. Ph.D. Timothy Luker (Senior Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Business Development, Eli Lilly)

  • External innovation at Eli Lilly

8.2.Prof. Dr. Patrick Baeuerle (Managing Director, MPM Capital)

  • Cullinan Oncology: A novel way to invest in cancer drugs

8.3. Stephen S. Yoder (CEO, Pieris Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

  • Challenges and opportunities in building a sustainable innovative biotech enterprise in Germany and beyond

9th Biotech Press-Lounge

9.1. Thomas Hegendoerfer (New Venture Lead, Johnson & Johnson Innovation)

  • Fostering the external innovation landscape for breakthrough therapies

9.2. Dr. Marion Jung (CEO, ChromoTek GmbH)

  • ChromoTek is revolutionizing research worldwide with innovative antibody formats

9.3. Dr. Karsten Kissel (Director Medical Affairs Germany, Gilead Sciences GmbH)

  • Innovative therapies from research to patient: cell therapies as major progress in oncology

10th Biotech Press-Lounge

10.1. Dr. Hubert Birner (Managing Partner, TVM Capital GmbH)

  • Sleepless in Munich – a clinical phenomenon in the VC industry

10.2. Phil L'Huillier (Head of Business Development Europe & Middle East, MSD Innovation Hub)

  • Partnering with MSD and plans for our new European Discovery Research Center in UK

10.3. Dr. Ali Ertürk (Group Leader, Institue for Stroke and Dementia Research (ISD, LMU München)

  • Transformative technologies to accelerate biomedical research and treat deadly diseases in our life time

11th Biotech Press-Lounge

11.1. Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bruno Reichart (Former Cardiac Surgeon, Co-Speaker DFG Transregio Xenotransplantation, Clinic ot the University Munich)

  • Consistent success in life-supporting porcine cardiac transplantation

11.2. Dr. Michael Almstetter (CEO, Origenis GmbH)

  • What can be learned from the progress in oncology for new treatments in Alzheimer and Parkinson Diseases?

11.3. Dr. Joachim Vogt (Director Search and Evaluation (S&E), Western Europe, AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG)

  • AbbVie - Partnering with a global innovation driven biopharmaceutical company

11.4. Sebastian Grabert (Director – Germany Representative, EURONEXT N.V.)

  • Strengthening the european Life Science sector through stock exchanges

12th Biotech Press-Lounge

12.1. Andreas Huber (Scientific Director Life Science and Senior Investment Manager, Bayern Kapital)

  • Investing in Life Sciences

12.2. Jason Loveridge (CEO, 4SC)

  • Domatinostat—Boosting Immunotherapy in Cancer

12.3. Michael Crowley (Head Business Development for Pharma Research and Early Development, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Basel)

  • Partnering in a new era—How are we collectively driving innovation?

13th Biotech Press-Lounge

13.1. Dr. Christian Thirion (CEO, SIRION Biotech)

  • Navigating the wave of cell- and gene therapies

13.2. Dr. Lutz G. Bonacker (Senior Vice President & General Manager, Commercial Operations Europe, CSL Behring)

  • Innovation in biotherapeutics: plasma, recombinant and beyond

13.3. Marc Filerman (CEO, German Accelerator Life Sciences)

  • Going Global with German Accelerator—Tips and Truths for Healthcare Startups

Moderators of the event have been:

Previous moderators
  • Susanne Kutter (Journalist, Wirtschaftswoche)
  • Bert Fröndhoff (Chief "Chemistry and Pharma" Editor, Handelsblatt)
  • Matthias Renz (Publishing Management, Venture Capital Magazin)
  • Bettina Reckter (Editor, VDI Nachrichten)
  • Julia Groß (Journalist, Euro am Sonntag)
  • Evelyn Warner (Chief Editor,
  • Joachim Müller-Jung (Chief Nature and Science Editor, FAZ)
  • Jochen Niehaus (Chief Editor, Focus GESUNDHEIT)
  • Eva Müller (Journalist, Manager Magazin)
  • Dr. Martin Laqua (Senior Editor, transkript)
  • Jo Schilling (Editor, Technology Review)
  • Elisabeth Dostert (Editor, Süddeutsche Zeitung)